Friday, June 28, 2013

Eragon: The Arrogance Cycle

So. Eragon. Spoiler alert if you haven't read them yet. But don't. I'm probably going to get hated on. But oh well. Here's what I think.

My opinion on these books... is... well... they were ok. Now, I haven't read the last one, but that's by choice, so if it's really good, tell me. But someone *cough Rachael cough* already told me how it ends. Really? A whole cache of dragon eggs? And they don't even end up together? Hey, if you can't get the two main characters together by the end of four books (each approximately 2 in. thick), then... well... yeah. But it's not just the ending.

If dragon riders are virtually extinct, then why does everyone Eragon knows turn into one? That was the whole point and beauty of the first book, that Eragon was the only one. The only hope. The chosen one. Why is it always the chosen one, anyway? Anyway, what happens is pretty much statistically impossible. We've been told that dragon riders are practically nonexistent. But then every other character becomes one.

Also, starting in the second book, we start to see things from Roran's perspective as well. Some chapters are from his point of view, and well, WHO CARES? Sorry Roran, but we don't really care about you. We want to know what's happening to Eragon and Saphira and Arya. I kept waiting for the author to kill Roran off so we could have more of the people we care about. Basically, I eventually just started skimming the chapters from Roran and counting pages until we got to hear from Eragon again. That's the thing, we never really cared about Roran. At all. At least I didn't.

And now, Eragon himself. As a character, he was good. Flawed, you could relate to him, he was just an ordinary kid. But throughout the course of the books, he seemed to change very little. The whole cycle of the books was basically him not knowing what was happening, him getting cocky, him getting more cocky, someone taking him down a notch, him being moody, and him realizing that he was wrong. And repeat. Instead of The Inheritance Cycle, the books should've been called The Arrogance Cycle.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading these books. At least the first one. They were original. The magic was really well thought-out. Saphira's character was quite well-written, I loved the chapters from her perspective. But in all, they were merely average. Half the time, they were confusing, The other half, predictable. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find something amazing to read.

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