Thursday, June 20, 2013

Team Tardis 2014

So, since there's all the hype about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who, and even MORE hype about 12th Doctor rumors, I decided to put my two cents in. Here's who I think should be Team Tardis 2014.

12th Doctor: I've done quite a bit of thinking on this one. Many sleepless nights debating with myself. Who could be The Doctor? Or, maybe those sleepless nights were just a result of talking with my sister until 2 AM and looking up pictures of male British actors on google. We're not creepy at all. But that's what google's for, right? Exactly. So here's who, in my opinion, should play Twelve. And sorry, I couldn't decide on one. So here's three. In no particular order.

Matthew Gray Gubler. He plays this nerdy character on Criminal Minds (I have yet to see it, but it's on my list), and is every bit as nerdy in real life. Yeah, he looks pretty young, but whatever. I think he'd maybe act a little more like the 11th. Awkward and adorable.

Billy Boyd. He'd make an adorable Doctor and has an amazing accent. Enough said.


Jude Law. Yeah, yeah, the guy who played Watson in the new Sherlock Holmes movies. You know, the ones with Robert Downey jr. He's good too. I think he'd be a little more serious, maybe like 9th.

So that's what I think for The Doctor. Although, come to think of it, Benedict Cumberbatch would make a good Doctor too... but he's already taken over the Sherlock, LOTR, and Star Trek fandoms. If he was The Doctor, it'd probably rip a hole in the Space-Time Continuum.

Onto companions!

So, although we just got Clara and I like her well enough, this needs to happen. Everyone knows that Emma Watson was BORN to be a companion.
You really can't disagree. Well you could—but, never mind.

And I think we need a new occasional companion. You know, like Captain Jack, Mickey, or River Song (to some extent). Who else but...

 Tom Felton. British, British, adorable, and British. And it would be amazing to see Him and Emma on the same screen again.  Right? 

So there's my two cents. Or, probably a little more than that. Maybe like, my minimum wage or something. Who do you see as the next Doctor or companion?

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