Monday, June 24, 2013

We Were SO Close...

Ok, so I'm gonna be posting about Star Trek: Into Darkness, so if you haven't seen it, this may contain spoilers. You should go see it. It's really good. It's better than the 2009 one. They don't try messing around with time and all that. Leave that for The Doctor. Oh, and this will be about TNG as well, so it may not make much sense if you haven't seen it.

Anyway, I was watching it yesterday in the theatre (yeah, I feel cool when I spell it the British way). It was about halfway through the movie. You know, the part where they have the John Harrison character in custody on the Enterprise, and he was getting mad and yelling about his people. I was mainly thinking how strange Benedict Cumberbatch looked without his trench coat and scarf.

Wait. Did he just say— no! It can't be! No way. Did he just say his name was Khan Noonian Soong? NO. FREAKING. WAY. My mind exploded. But that meant—Data—no!

(ok, at this point, some of the more hard-core trekkies will be saying something's wrong. Hear me out.)

In case you forgot, or—gasp—haven't seen Star Trek TNG, Dr. Noonian Soong was the one who created Data, obviously the best character in the series. You know, the emotionless android? Right. Ergo, mind explosion. Because that meant that Khan created Data. Whoah. I went home from the movies with so many hypotheses and questions. But I was excited. Very excited. They were bringing Data back.

However, my excitement was short-lived. My dad was talking about Star Trek after we got home. We were talking about all the different Star Trek movies they made, and The Wrath of Khan came up. My dad said something about it being based on an episode of TOS in which Khan Noonien Singh did something.

My excitement shriveled up and died. WHY???? The names were so close. I mean, SO so close. I mean—well, you get it. Curse you, Star Trek writers. Although Brent Spiner was irreplaceable in that role, we were this close to getting Benedict Cumberbatch as Data.


  1. ha - it frightens me that I understood this post, and started to get alarmed about having NOT made the Data connection until you corrected it . . .

    I take exception to the line "in which Khan Noonien Singh did something" --- if you are claiming to be a Trekkie, you really need to know who Khan was. Classic Star Trek, one of the most infamous of all. And the subject of a whole Star Trek Movie (older ones).

    The fact that he was Khan was super important. Well, to the movie, anyway :-D

    you are awesome, by the way.

    Mrs F

    1. Thanks... and yes I know I need to watch TOS... TNG is so good though... :]