Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Depressing a Geek in Under a Minute

Depressing a geek 101:
"Do you realize the 10th Doctor never actually kissed Rose? The first time, it wasn't really her. The second time, it wasn't really him."
"We've only got 2 more episodes with Matt Smith."
"Moffat has promised that the third season of Sherlock will end on an even bigger cliffhanger than season 2."
"What if the last sentence of Harry Potter was: 'And then Harry woke up in his cupboard under the stairs.' ?"

 How you depress a geek (express edition):
Doomsday. Reichenbach. Stayin' alive. Rose Tyler, I—. I don't want to go. Goodbye, John.

Or, if you want the super-compressed-travel-size-express-fun-size edition:

WARNING: these may induce the following: uncontrollable sobbing, bouts of anger, a desperate need for fanfiction, unexpected lashing out and flailing of the limbs, fear of everything, silence, counting days until November, and maybe some headaches and nausea (from the screaming).

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